Mindful Travel is our take on sustainable travel - it's not just travel but a a mental state of being.

You'll often find eco-consciousness at the core of sustainable travel, but it's actually the nexus of cultural preservation, social equity, and environmental conservation.

As travelers, we power to create high value to local economy & low impact to the culture and environment. But traveling mindfully requires self-introspection, healing, and perspective to consciously recognize your potential impact and make changes to travel responsibly.

How do you travel mindfully?

We realize awareness and knowledge of where to invest in authentic local experiences is challenging and tricky to navigate.

We create personal local relationships to provide guidance to travelers and better support and honor the community, culture & heritage, travelers are there to experience.

Travel organically nurtures self-discovery, perspective, growth, and curiosity. We often find ourselves reflecting or having an epiphany when exploring beyond our boundaries.

We curate mindful trip itineraries to foster your self-progress during your journey & ensuring your authentic experiences directly support local communities and preservation of culture, traditions, and the natural environment.

  • Mindful Wellness Practices

     fostering global perspective, personal reflection & intentions for your wellness journey

  • Mindful Cultural Experiences

    with local vendors to gain social perspective and support local communities & economy

  • Mindful Environmental Immersions 

    with locals sharing valuable traditional knowledge of cultural connections to nature

A Mindful Traveler...

informs oneself of the nation's current social justice, environmental, cultural circumstances impacting local and marginalized communities 


respects , honors, and supports the culture  & heritage you come to experience

remains open to expanding their knowledge of a country's history, culture, and religion

remains aware of their privilege you may hold from the nationality of your passport, and the doors that opens for you may be closed or non-existent for others

is humble enough to realize when you're presence might bring more harm than good to the culture & environment you seek to explore

is open to bettering yourself as an individual and an ally for communities at home & abroad

How Does It Work?​

Step 1.  We get to know you, your travel style, and trip details through our travel questionnaire and consultation call 

Step 2.  Leave all the research to us as we use our local connections, personal experiences and sustainable travel network to curate a personalized trip that serves your personality and promotes social good

Step 3. We share your digital Curated Mindful Itinerary for your approval with sustainable accommodations options, authentic local experiences and recommendations with direct booking links (where applicable)

Step 4. You book using our direct links & enjoy your travel adventures armed with the knowledge of our local culture & customs tips and mindfulness suggestions for personal wellness

We do not book your accommodation or activities, but support you through the booking process and provide direct links where applicable

Ready to start your adventure?

Travel Mindfully for 

$15/ travel day per person

Personal Wellness

Enjoy mindful tips like meditation, journaling, & yoga movements to decompress your body, mind and soul.

Sustainable Impact

Rest easy knowing your authentic travel experiences are directly contributing to support the local community, culture, and environment.

Uniquely Tailored

Every aspect of your trip is customized to uniquely fit your personality, travel style, lifestyle, and interests. 

Great Value

We'll save you hours of research get you the best value for your authentic experiences with local tour operators.

Mindful Destinations At Your Fingertips

In the face of over-tourism, climate change, rising sea levels, and crumbling infrastructure here are some mindful destination alternatives to popular venerated sites that need time to heal. So they can continue to exist for their communities, culture & future generations.
Diving in the Reef
Save the Great Barrier Reef & Support Raja Ampat
Image by T A
Save Machu Picchu & Support Choquequirao Ruins
Image by Jennifer Latuperisa-Andresen
Give Iceland a break & Support Baffin Island
Image by Toa Heftiba
Save Venice & Support Verona 

Ready to start your adventure?

Travel Mindfully for 

$15/ travel day per person

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