We build a customized journey to help you reconnect with your body and soul.

Together we will build autonomy and craft you to be the best yoga teacher for yourself.

Body Awareness & Connection

With everything going in the world and our personal lives - family, relationships, friends, & work. You'll often notice the first thing to drop from your priorities is self-care and mental health (if it's even made it to your list).

With us you'll build a strong connection to your body and a foundation in your mindfulness techniques. This will help you manage your stress and anxiety as you apply your mindfulness practice to your every day life.

You have the power to decide how outside factors affect your well-being

Autonomy - because who knows your body better than you?

If you've ever been to a yoga class, you know that moment when the instructor offers space for you to freestyle and everyone awkwardly fumbles for an asana to do?

Well that whole 1 minute in their classes will be your ENTIRE journey with us.

Except at the end of your journey with us you won't fumble, because YOU crafted your personal practice step by step with your body awareness, connection and our guidance.

You are your best personal yoga instructor and we'll guide you along your journey!

Mindfulness Starts at Home

The best place to begin your mindfulness journey is creating mental space right to your living room!

Our Yoga Offerings

Private Sessions

Each session is uniquely crafted to strengthen your personal connection to your body, mind, and soul. The classes are tailored to your needs and abilities including aspects of:




We start new clients with a complimentary phone consultation to decide the best schedule and journey that fits your goals and intentions.

Note: Due to Covid ALL sessions are currently virtually in the hopes to transition to in-person once it's safe to do so

Introductory 2 session package $100

Group Sessions

We offer group sessions for the office, retreats, family reunions, workshops etc.

Base Rate $120 for 3 people

(addt'l individuals $45/each)

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