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Our Mission
Guided by ancestral knowledge, Holistic Blyss strives to create equitable healing spaces for BIPOC communities. Together we craft soul wellness rituals that offer personal healing & growth through meditation, body movement and herbal support, rooted in Afro-Latinx heritage.

Through mindfulness & grounding in herbal work, individuals can create the space they need to heal & grow.

And with the current state of the world, prioritizing personal healing is essential for us to better ourselves as individuals and as allies in solidarity with each other.

Blyss Buitrago, Founder

The Holistic Blyss Story

Holistic Blyss was started in 2018 first as a yoga wellness service, after Blyss received her RYT-200 certification from Three Sisters Yoga in NYC. Blyss was humbled by the role movement & mindfulness played in her own healing from racial trauma & patriarchal toxicity, nurturing 

her identify, and self confidence.

As an Afro-Latinx woman, Blyss recognized the need within herself and BIPoC communities to heal and restore their souls from the impacts of deep seeded racial & ancestral trauma. Equitable healing spaces are needed, especially since the individuals most deserving and in need of healing are not the individuals wellness is crafted for nor made accessible to.

During the pandemic, Blyss was moved by our community to reclaim our cultural herbal traditions and create equitable healing spaces for BIPoC, offering meditation, body movement & herbal supports.

As a healer + herbalist she is humbled to hold space for our community to restore & nourish their souls as we continue to fight for social change.

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Holistic Healing Offerings

soul soothing herbal bath_edited.jpeg

Ritual Herbal Supports

Prioritizing personal healing is essential for us to better ourselves as individuals and/or allies in solidarity with each other.

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