Collective Healing Spaces

Work one-on-one with Blyss to craft personalized rituals that support

your mental well-being, emotional health, and add space to your life

My personal journey has informed my ability to support those in need of managing stress, anxiety,

self-confidence challenges, and those healing from racial trauma.  


In our work together I will support you as we build routines and rituals that hold sacred space for you to meet yourself as you feel, heal and manage your wellness journey.

You may not always be in control of what happens to you,

but you are in control of how your soul receives it.

Personalized Healing Sessions

Our work together will be to craft personalized rituals that support

your mental well-being, emotional health, and quality of life.

Each session, our trauma informed healing practice will build a stronger foundation

in your emotional awareness, self introspection and self-healing rituals.

Our practice is rooted in herbal relationships, mind, body + soul connection and body movement.

Our Healing Guiding Principles:

Image by Clarke Sanders

Meet yourself where you are

Amplify your inner voice

Ground yourself in nature

Build practices that support your comfort + joy

Give yourself permission to protect your peace of mind

Healing is a life-long journey - be patient with yourself

Healing Sessions only available for BIPOC

Standard fee ($50/session) & Reduced fee ($25/session) 

At this time we are at our capacity for Healing Session Clients.


We are humbled to continue offering our other healing offerings below or you can join the waitlist for Spring Intake.

Movement + Meditation Offerings

If you need some support choosing which healing offering will serve you best,

talk with Blyss to learn more about our unique trauma informed herbal approach to healing.

For group sessions, retreats or potential collaborations email us at we would to work with you!

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