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2020 In Review: Together we survived & healed so we can thrive!

As 2020 comes to an end, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every individual in my community! I could never have imagined this year would have turned out the way it did, and through such tragedy our communities were strengthened as we boldly stood with each other!

When I first opened my yoga business in 2018 I had a hard time giving it my full attention while working full-time. After quitting my job in 2019, I invested more of myself, as I attempted to pivot my business to sustainable travel in addition to my yoga offering. Just before the pandemic hit the US, I was contemplating quitting my part-time to finally put my everything into my craft so it can flourish, and then Covid changed everything for me. I lost my job, went on unemployment and had to flush my travel business down the toilet just as I launched it. All of this was to show me I wasn't on the right path and I slowly realized I was the only holding myself back.

Prior to the pandemic I was planning on crafting herbal supports to share with my friends and family that have always been there to support me. But as I crafted my herbal supports, it felt self-fish to keep my herbal practice to myself when it was bringing me so much comfort during global uncertainty, death, and fear.

I was moved to finally release myself from my own expectations and quickly built an online site to share my herbal work with you all - which you received with open arms!

My Black Healing Circles started as response to my own personal trauma and grief when Breonna Taylor's murder shook me as I realized I still wasn't safe even during a lockdown. Thank you to those who shared space with me as we faced our racial trauma and grief together during the most emotional trauma I endured during the pandemic. Holding space for our collective vulnerability as a community offered immense support in a time when all felt lost.

When I realized as a healer I didn't need to be "healed" in order to hold space for my community, because we could heal together - this opened my heart to offer my Healing Sessions for BIPOC. I couldn't be more thank for each individual who spoke with me, vulnerably shared and honored their trauma, grief, strength and love - allowing me to humbly share space with them along their healing journeys. Each of you have a piece of my heart with you always. Your healing is resistance for yourself, your ancestors and your community - you don't walk this path alone because each of them are right beside you.

This year has been a painfully challenging, extremely raw and vulnerable year of deep healing, growth and manifestation. I couldn't be more thankful for the abundant outpouring of support and love I received personally and through my offerings.

I've made 2020 my year of MANIFESTATION! To stop holding myself back, to share what I have to offer with others, and to boldly live my most authentic life.

And a massive thank you to each and every one of you! My successes and milestones are yours and I offer my deepest gratitude your support played in every single one of them!

Let's continue this beautiful journey we are on towards healing, fulfillment and liberation of our souls!

Celebrate your own personal growth and progress no matter how small it may seem it's a building block towards your path forward.

Con mucho amor y profundo aprecio,

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